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We are here to make treatment information structured and transparent. People with health conditions can review and share treatment experiences with those researching their options. The site aggregates statistics for a specific condition, treatment combination or for all the possible treatments. Treatments summary for each condition gives users a map of what works and what does not; regardless of whether it's conventional, alternative medicine, or not covered by insurance.

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I can say now that it's healed. It took couple months to recover from biceps tendonitis. First it was rest and ice, which I applied during 20 - 30 minutes several times a day. I took anti-inflammatory view case
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I've had back problems since I was 11, and I'm now almost 19. I've gone to the doctor to look for kidney stones, kidney infections and a long list of other things. Recently, I got into a car crash and view case
Condition:   Back Lower (Lumbar) Pinched Nerve
Treatment Combo:   Stretching Treatment + Rest + Bed Rest
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I had the surgeryseven months ago and feeling well. I had CT scan to verify that I was fusing at six months. view case
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My fibro began close to a cuple decades ago and thot to b a result of having undiagnosed Lyme disease for a cupl? Years view case
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I am 67 yeasr old and for over 15 years, I was a long distance runner (marathons and 10K races) and about 10 years ago converted to long distance bicycle riding. I had always prided myself on never h view case