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We are here to make treatment information structured and transparent. People with health conditions can review and share treatment experiences with those researching their options. The site aggregates statistics for a specific condition, treatment combination or for all the possible treatments. Treatments summary for each condition gives users a map of what works and what does not; regardless of whether it's conventional, alternative medicine, or not covered by insurance.

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After having pain in my left hip for over a year, I was diagnosed with tear of the labrum. I've had a surgery to repair it over a year ago, but still in some pain although different one. Afte view case
Condition:   Hip Labral Tear
Treatment Combo:   Hip Arthroscopy + Physical Therapy
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Because I was in the US Army, with chest out and stomach in, this posture curves my lower back if not noticed. I just need to rotate my hips rearward to make my lower back straight. My right front t view case
Condition:   Back Lower (Lumbar) Pinched Nerve
Treatment Combo:   Exercise + Proper Posture
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Since I was a little girl skiing has been a big part of my life. My family owns a winter vacation home up in the mountains in Tennessee. As so, we go up to the state every year in order to relax and d view case
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I had chronic pain in my left knee for many months which began about June of 2009. I went to my doctor, he took x-rays, and found normal wear and tear of the cartilage knee joint. After doing some r view case
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Twenty-five years of running and being pulled along by two large dogs wore away my left hip joint. Scoliosis didn't help. I toughed it out for years with physical therapy and yoga, and finally had to view case