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We are here to make treatment information structured and transparent. People with health conditions can review and share treatment experiences with those researching their options. The site aggregates statistics for a specific condition, treatment combination or for all the possible treatments. Treatments summary for each condition gives users a map of what works and what does not; regardless of whether it's conventional, alternative medicine, or not covered by insurance.

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I'm an old women who has always been in good health. I exercise, eat right and do everything in my power to stay healthy. I admit that back problems run in my family and that I thought by doing what I view case
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Due to working on the computer all day, I started having severe back pain in the lower/mid back. The situation became so terrible that I couldn't sit or sleep. My Xrays came out alright. According to view case
Condition:   Back Mid (Thoracic) Muscle Strain
Treatment Combo:   Vitamins + Physical Therapy
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I bent to pick up something off the floor one day, and found I really could not get back up on my own for a few minutes. I'd had pain in my lower back that I had ignored. I was told to rest as much as view case
Condition:   Back General Pain
Treatment Combo:   Rest + Heat Therapy + Proper Posture + Bed Rest + Motrin - Ibuprofen
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On june 10 2010 i was involved in a car accident on the freeway and was rear ended while i was 36 weeks pregnant with my son. The impact was so huge that i had raptured placenta which forced me to go view case
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I am a long-distance runner logging between 40-60 miles of running per week in the context of training for half-marathons and full marathons. In the context of training for the San Diego Rock and Ro view case
Condition:   Back Lower (Lumbar) Piriformis Syndrome
Treatment:   Running