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We are here to make treatment information structured and transparent. People with health conditions can review and share treatment experiences with those researching their options. The site aggregates statistics for a specific condition, treatment combination or for all the possible treatments. Treatments summary for each condition gives users a map of what works and what does not; regardless of whether it's conventional, alternative medicine, or not covered by insurance.

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Lately, I have been having shoulder pain that has hurt quite a bit. It's more in my collar bone, but the pain sometimes radiates down towards my elbow if I move my shoulder just right. It only hurts a view case
Condition:   Shoulder Pain
Treatment:   Icy Hot
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I started noticing a fair amount of weight gain in my legs in only a weeks time and was sort of attributing it to my bad food/nutrition choices. I decided that by the end of the week, something else view case
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When I turned 27, I moved to South Florida. Suddenly, I found I was constantly stuffy, suffering headaches, and generally miserable. I finally gave in and saw a doctor who told me I was suffering from view case
Condition:   General Allergy
Treatment Combo:   Antihistamine Medicine + Claritin
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One of the worst things that has happened to me in my adult life happened just the other day. On the east coast have have been getting a lot of snow so I was out being the man of the house and shoveli view case
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Started in 1990, I was carrying a 50# bag of dog food. I poured it into the barrel turned to put the empty bag into the receptacle and I hit the floor. I had no ability to stand, sit or walk and was view case