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Simple version of the Medicare Model

Based on the feedback I received about the medicare model, I decided to create a simple paragraph version. This way someone can get to the conclusion fast. If details are of importance, then there is a detailed version that looks … Continue reading

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Healthcare inflation or deflation – Different view points

In the Medicare model that I built last month, I made an assumption that healthcare inflation will subside over the next eight years and help bring medicare spending as percent of gdp in line with what it is today. Over … Continue reading

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Medical Education and Debt

With the demographics changing in a way that requires more and more workers in the medical field, it makes sense that the government provides loans to students that want to attend for profit medical programs. However, there is providing money … Continue reading

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Cell Phone Radiation

Someday we will find out the true effects of electromagnetic radiation on human beings. “What we showed is glucose metabolism (a sign of brain activity) increases in the brain in people who were exposed to a cellphone in the area … Continue reading

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MRI Tips: Open vs. Closed, Price, Prescription

The last time I had an MRI was twelve years ago. I just went to a place recommended by the doctor not carrying for the cost since my insurance covered it 100%. This time around I decided to do some … Continue reading

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Attacking Excessive Treatment

I personally know older people that more or less abuse the system by going to a doctor three or four times a month. Doctors love this type of recurring revenue vs. a patient like myself that only goes maybe once … Continue reading

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More Evidence That Fusion Surgeries Often Don’t Work

An article on MSNBC discusses a personal story of two back fusion surgeries where it seemed like the surgery was helping and then it the pain just got worse. Finally, Scatena made an appointment with another surgeon, one whom friends … Continue reading

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Knee Pain Treatment Through Surgery

Knee pain can be quite annoying and life changing. Personally I’ve dealt with it for two years with conservative treatments before I opted out for an arthroscopic surgery that repaired my meniscus. It took a year after the surgery to … Continue reading

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Chronic Lower Back Pain Treatment Using a Spinal Cord Stimulator

I was reading an article about treating chronic pain using spinal cord stimulator which is implanted in the body and sends electrical currents to the spinal cord. The device is definitely not for everybody. The article mentions that only 10 … Continue reading

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Statistics for Hip Bursitis, Lower Back Pain Treatments Updated

We have improved statistics pages to help users quickly find treatments that work. We color coded treatment results and reduced the amount of space required to display all treatments. Here are a couple of examples: Hip Bursitis Treatments and Lower … Continue reading

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