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Layout Changes for Condition and Treatment Pages

In order to improve navigation experience for users, we added a quick treutatment result average, link to details results, as well as links to other relevant pages. See the the new layout for yourself. Floating Knee Cap Osteoarthritis Treatment Trapezius … Continue reading

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New Functionality: Case Images

Now anyone can add images to his or her case. Check out some of the cases with images: Mid Back Injury Skin Psoriasis Treatment Psoriasis on the eyelid Currently, you can add images through the web site only. iPhone functionality … Continue reading

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iPhone App Version 2 – Create and Share Treatment Cases

In this version in addition to browsing for treatment information, users can do the following: share, view, and edit treatment cases create and edit profile information Give it a try!

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Knee Pain Cases

Some more interesting knee pain cases were posted on the site: Knee Patello-Femoral Syndrome Case I was diagnosed after feeling pain in my knees when putting a lot of stress on them. If I was kneeling and got up using … Continue reading

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Knee Pain Treatment Through Surgery

Knee pain can be quite annoying and life changing. Personally I’ve dealt with it for two years with conservative treatments before I opted out for an arthroscopic surgery that repaired my meniscus. It took a year after the surgery to … Continue reading

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Role of Food in Acne Treatment

The problem of acne treatment is very interesting. There is a lot of arguments about whether choice of food plays a role in creating acne. Some say it does, other say it does not. For example, this article claims that … Continue reading

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Chronic Lower Back Pain Treatment Using a Spinal Cord Stimulator

I was reading an article about treating chronic pain using spinal cord stimulator which is implanted in the body and sends electrical currents to the spinal cord. The device is definitely not for everybody. The article mentions that only 10 … Continue reading

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Articular Cartilage Damage Has Many Treatment Options and More To Come

While doing research of articular cartilage damage, I found some new promising treatments such as microfracture surgery that would prevent knee replacements. For example check out this wikipedia article. I have a relative who had a partial knee replacement due … Continue reading

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Is Lumbar Endoscopic Discectomy (LED) the future of back surgery?

I know that there are still not enough statistics to say that Lumber Endoscopic Discectomy is better than some of the more conventional surgeries. I do know people that have gone through it with great results. If you google LED, … Continue reading

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Psoriasis is Hard to Pin Down

I was reading a case about various psoriasis treatments and it reminded me of my own psoriasis history. It seems like dermatologists don’t ever have clear answers for this condition. The first one I saw diagnosed as eczema while the … Continue reading

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