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Why a slider is more important than a drop down

Although this is not related to health, I highly recommend watching a really interesting presentation about improving creative tools by my friend Bret. It’s actually called “Inventing on Principle”

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Interactive Medicare Model – Updated

I updated the model. It’s now web based (IE9, Safari, Chrome, Firefox supported); no need for Excel. Play around with it and let me know what you think. One of the new options includes raising tax revenue from bottom 50%, … Continue reading

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BA or BS Degree Should Not Be A Requirement for Med School

Doctors have been revered in most countries because they deal with keeping us alive. We often put them on a pedestal because they’ve touched/saved a life of a loved one. I believe that’s great (as doctors have saved my life) … Continue reading

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Apple Juice, Arsenic, and Dr. Oz

I am sure most parents have heard of Dr. Oz’s claims this week that many of the brands of apple juice, tested by a lab that he hired, had elevated levels of arsenic. Doing a quick Google search, I found … Continue reading

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Medical Education and Debt

With the demographics changing in a way that requires more and more workers in the medical field, it makes sense that the government provides loans to students that want to attend for profit medical programs. However, there is providing money … Continue reading

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How Our Brain Makes It Difficult to Choose Conservative Treatment

I just talked to a friend who has a herniated disk and he asked me for advice.   I tell everyone  with a new back problem to be conservative and patient unless it’s absolutely clear today that a surgery is the … Continue reading

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Conference Review: Translating Technology into Cost-Effective Healthcare

The conference was held at UCSF Mission Bay campus in San Francisco on a beautiful November day.  It was well organized and concise (one day)    The main speakers were Andy Grove (former Intel Chairman) and Steven Burd (Safeway CEO).   They presented two … Continue reading

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