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Condition General Fibromyalgia
Current Status and How Case Started

My fibro began close to a cuple decades ago and thot to b a result of having undiagnosed Lyme disease for a cupl? Years

Dates January 1, 1995 - Ongoing
Treatment Combo Cortisone Injection + Stretching Treatment + Rest + Heat Therapy + Weight Loss + Diet Management + Vicodin Medication
Treatment Result
Helped a little
Treatments Description

Steroid shots r helpful for certain areas ie the back. I have tried MANY difrent muscle relaxers (hated them all for one reason or another). I currently take vicodin and tramadol for the pain but it never completely takes the pain away...tramadol takes the edge off the pain the best. Also keeping the lbs down helps with knee pain wich can b considerable

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Gender: Female
Age 53
Weight 135 pounds
Height: 5 Feet 6 Inches
About me: I have been "forced into part time status at my company (of over 20 years) ...

Case History & Details   

Treatment Combo Anti-inflammatory Medication (NSAID) + Walking + Neurontin - Gabapentin + Celexa - Citalopram
Treatment Result
No change

Evry muscle relaxant (for various reasons) cimbalta didnt work and lyrica made my gums very tender and dentist told me it was from the lyrica

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