Case Summary  |  Ongoing neck and shoulder pain.

Condition Back Upper - Neck (Cervical) Pain
Case Description

For at least a decade I have had regular stiffness, soreness, and pain from the back of my head down to my lower back, primarily in the neck and between the shoulders. Without insurance, I haven't been able to consult a doctor, and so I've had to try different treatments on my own. The two best things have been getting a new bed and using Wii Fit regularly. Unfortunately, I suspect a good pillow would also help a lot, but every pillow I have ever tried just seems to make the problem worse. I've tried consciously standing taller, but that's difficult to maintain throughout the day and I've heard it's actually bad for your back anyway. I'm going to continue my quest for the right pillow, and hopefully get some health insurance soon so I can be seen by a professional.

Dates January 1, 2000 - Ongoing
Diagnosed On January 1, 2000
Diagnosis Method Self Examination
Treatment Combo Yoga + Walking + Massage Therapy + Aerobics Exercises + Exercise + Proper Posture + Change of Sleeping Position
Treatment Result
Helped a lot
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Gender: Male
Age 36
Weight 270 pounds
Height: 5 Feet 11 Inches