Treatment Reviews:  Motrin - Ibuprofen for Back Upper - Neck (Cervical) Pain

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Back Upper - Neck (Cervical) Pain
Motrin - Ibuprofen
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 Helped a lot
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I have suffered from neck and back pain just about my entire life. It basically started when I was a kid - I used to sleep on my stomach. I would have terrible headaches and back pain. It would sometimes get so intense that I would basically cry myself to ...

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Treatment:   Motrin - Ibuprofen
Dates:  February 2, 2010 - February 2, 2010
 Helped a little
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I was working out in the gym in june 2005 performing a lateral pulldown. Upon completing the exercise it came to my attention that both of my arms had gone numb. I stopped the exercise and made an appointment with my doctor. I described what had happened and he stated ...

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Treatment Combo:   Anti-inflammatory Medication (NSAID) + Strengthening + Ultrasound + Chiropractic + Physical Therapy + Muscle Relaxants + Exercise + Proper Posture + Motrin - Ibuprofen + Diazepam Medication - Valium + Naproxen Sodium - Aleve - Anaprox - Naprelan
Dates:  June 1, 2005 - Ongoing
  • shelliebee
  • Female
  • 46 years old
  • 130 pounds
  • 5 Feet 9 Inches

I awoke to find that I had quite severe pain in my neck and found it hard to straightnen my neck into its normal position. I made an appointment to see my doctor and he recommended muscle relaxants and ibuprofen for the pain. And suggested I see a Chiropractor. The ...

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Treatment Combo:   Chiropractic + Muscle Relaxants + Motrin - Ibuprofen
Dates:  June 1, 2010 - June 7, 2010
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