General Swollen Lymph Nodes Above Collar Bone Treatment

Lymph nodes are small glands throughout the body, they are part of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is an important part of the immune system (immune system defends the body against disease). If lymphatic system is not working properly, fluid builds in the tissues and causes swelling, called lymphedema.

The lymph nodes filter lymph fluid as it flows through them, trapping bacteria, viruses and other foreign substances, which are then destroyed by special white blood cells. Infection would be the most common cause of an enlarged lymph node.

Supraclavicular lymph nodes (glands above the collarbone) may swell from an infection or tumor in the areas of the lungs, breasts, neck, or abdomen.

Any swollen lymph nodes that don't go away over a month should be checked by the doctor.

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I'm 26 years old. On sept '09 one fine evening I felt a swollen lump just above my collar bone. Lump was rubbery & movable. It literally freaked me out . I scheduled appointment then doctor said it might be due to some infection & put me on antibiotics for a week. Lumps did not reduce in size. Later a ....

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