Treatment Reviews:  Draining fluid with a needle for Knee Lateral Meniscus Tear

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Knee Lateral Meniscus Tear
Draining fluid with a needle
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My knee kept getting swollen. They drained it several times at the hospital.

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Treatment:   Draining fluid with a needle
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the doctor drained the synovial fluid and blood from the knee cavity which helped about the internal pressure, then i started the physical therapy which is detailed above, it did helped i was walking again in 2 months without surgery.knee still banged but it works

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Treatment Combo:   Massage Therapy + Micro current + Physical Therapy + Range of Motion Exercises + Draining fluid with a needle + Individual Therapy + Leg Elevation
  • calindsey
  • Male
  • 56 years old
  • 170 pounds
  • 5 Feet 7 Inches
 Helped a lot

While playing football, my knee collapsed sideways. I ended up with some torn ligaments and a torn minicus. After the surgery to repair the damage, I'm left with a regular slight pain and substantial lateral instability in the knee. So, a great deal of care must be taken to avoid ...

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Treatment Combo:   Anti-inflammatory Medication (NSAID) + Knee brace + Ice + Physical Therapy + Acupressure + Range of Motion Exercises + Draining fluid with a needle + Individual Therapy + Partial Meniscusectomy
Dates:  February 14, 2000 - Ongoing
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