Shoulder Bone Spurs And Labrum Tears Treatment

The shoulder is a common place for Bone Spurs (osteiphytes) to occur. Bone Spur is a pathological bony outgrowth.

Bone spurs usually limit joint movement and cause pain. Bone spurs themselves aren't painful, but they can rub against nearby nerves and bones, causing pain.

It happens very often from the onset of arthritis. When the body tries to repair the damage, sometimes it overcompensates and adds too much calcium forming a bone spur. Calcification and new bone formation can also occur due to aging, degeneration, mechanical instability and disease.

Labrum is a cartilage ring which surrounds the shoulder socket. Labrum helps to stabilize the ball-and-socket joint and serves as an attachment site for ligaments around the shoulder as well as the biceps tendon.

Labrum tear injury usually involves a subluxation or dislocation of the shoulder and is usually due to trauma. The ball of the shoulder can dislocate toward the front of the shoulder (an anterior dislocation) or it can go out the back of the shoulder (called a posterior dislocation). In either case the labrum can be torn off of the bone.

The treatment of a torn labrum depends on the type of tear that has occurred. Most labral tears do not require surgery. It is often first treated with physical therapy in order to restore range of motion and strength to the shoulder.

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