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Twenty-five years of running and being pulled along by two large dogs wore away my left hip joint. Scoliosis didn't help. I toughed it out for years with physical therapy and yoga, and finally had to have my hip totally replaced. I wasn't happy, but I got a great result and I can hardly remember it isn't mine, except when ...
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I tripped going downstairs about three years ago, twisting my right knee. It swelled moderately for about three days, during which time I alternated heat and ice, and took OTC ibuprofen. Over several weeks it returned to good functioning, though I have had twinges and occasionaly freeze-ups since then. In December of 2009, I fell down some steps outside (I ...
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When I turned about 14 years old my knee cap dislocated for the first time. It was my right knee. It's a problem that my mother and great grandmother have both had so my mother took me immediately to a doctor who told me he'd have to perform surgery to strengthen the ligaments. Being a young teen, I refused to ...

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