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I was rear-ended about ten years ago and suffered some acute lower back pain along with the usual neck and should injuries associated with a rear-end collision. I spent several months in physical therapy learning how to strengthen my back and receiving massage therapy and stimulation by the use of a TENS unit. I have been on and off pain ...
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Twenty-five years of running and being pulled along by two large dogs wore away my left hip joint. Scoliosis didn't help. I toughed it out for years with physical therapy and yoga, and finally had to have my hip totally replaced. I wasn't happy, but I got a great result and I can hardly remember it isn't mine, except when ...
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Although I've had knee pain off and on for many years, ever since chipping a bone when I was 12, my knee never hurt enough to affect my activities. Then, in March of 2007 I tripped running up some stairs and hit the inside of my knee on the edge of a step. I was doing yoga at this time ...

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