Charite Disc Replacement Surgery

The Charité artificial disc is implanted between the bones after the patient's own disk is removed. It consists of two metallic endplates placed around a movable plastic core. The Charite artificial disc helps align the spine and preserve its natural ability to move. Artificial disks are mechanical devices that simulate spinal function.

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I had huge back problems for years, up to the point where it left me unable to do anything. After seeing many doctors who all told me I had a compressed disk and told me to go to therapy I finally self diagnosed myseld with degenerative disc disease. I went to Lenox Hill hospital in NYC and met my new ...

Charite Disc Replacement Surgery is Used For These Conditions

Condition Average Result Healed Helped
a Lot
a Little
No Change Made Worse
All Conditions (average)
Back Lower (Lumbar)
Back Lower (Lumbar) Osteoarthritis - Degenerative disc disease
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