Hip Arthroscopy

Hip Arthroscopy - Minimally invasive surgical procedure for examining and treating ankle joint.

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After having pain in my left hip for over a year, I was diagnosed with tear of the labrum. I've had a surgery to repair it over a year ago, but still in some pain although different one. After the surgery I did six weeks of physical therapy and was feeling ok. After that I might have overdone with physical ...
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I had surgery to correct a labral tear on my right hip in 2000 and have not had a problem with it in the past 10 years. However, I am experiencing similar pain in the left hip and will likely need surgery on that one to fix the same problem.
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On 9/1/2008 I had an injury to my hip from lifting heavy furniture incorrectly. The pain at first wasn't too bad, I assumed it was a muscle strain. Over the next few months the pain began to interrupt my daily life through driving, sleeping, playing and even sitting comfortably. My hip would stiffen, click, or throb from any movement involving ...

Hip Arthroscopy is Used For These Conditions

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Hip Labral Tear
1 4 1
Hip Bursitis
1 1
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