Knee Arthroscopy

Knee arthroscopy is surgery that is done to check for problems, using a tiny camera to see inside your knee. Other medical instruments may also be inserted to repair your knee.

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I had a Makoplasty in October of 2009 to insert a prosthesis in my medial compartment. I'm 3 months out and had to have a scope done Jan. 19th, just 4 days ago, because I had locking, pain, and muscle spasms. My doctor found a loose piece of cement in my knee joint, which he removed along with 3 other ...
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I was a physical training instructor in the US Army, therefore you know that I exercise a lot. After the Army, I used to run five or ten kilometer races. After a ten kilometer race, of which I ran down the hill to fast, my right knee hurt bad. I tried to do another five kilometer race about a month ...
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About two years ago I started feeling slight pain in my right knee. It had been sore for a while but I figured it was just a sore joint from overuse/misuse and I ignored it. However, after increasing pain when running, going up stairs, or even walking for long periods of time, it became harder to ignore. Eventually my knee ...

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