Lateral Release Surgery

Lateral release surgery is performed when the patella (kneecap) becomes misaligned and is not able to function properly in the center of the groove of the femur bone as the knee bends and straightens. This operation is performed by arthroscopic methods. The purpose of the lateral release is to improve the movement of the knee cap (patella) and to decrease the pressure on it. The procedure is also known as a 'lateral retinacular release'.

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When I was 13, I hurt my knee playing volleyball. There was a loud crunch, sharp pain and lots of initial swelling and bruising. I couldn't walk on it for a week, and the swelling did not recede for two weeks. My parents weren't big on doctors, so my knee was not diagnosed or treated at the time. For four ...
 Made worse
new shoes,inserts, and knee braces had no effect. surgeries made things worse, reiki didnt do anything except relax me, and walking long distances sometimes causes pain, but not all times.

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Knee Luxating Patella (Floating Patella)
General Hypermobility
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