Leg Elevation

Leg elevation exercise – raising the legs above the heart level – for 10 to 15 minutes, three to four times each day can help improve blood circulation in the veins. You can do leg elevation by lying down with the legs resting on three to four pillows.

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I had a Makoplasty in October of 2009 to insert a prosthesis in my medial compartment. I'm 3 months out and had to have a scope done Jan. 19th, just 4 days ago, because I had locking, pain, and muscle spasms. My doctor found a loose piece of cement in my knee joint, which he removed along with 3 other ...
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While walking out into my garage in limited light, I stumbled over my child's bicycle. My knee hit the side of my car and then landed on the concrete floor. Though sore I walked while putting pressure on my knee. The next day, my knee was swollen to the point in which it was difficult to bend the the leg. ...
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Seriously, everyone called it lower back pain and until my MRI showed clear they called it sciatica. Even my PT -- but come on let's face it the pain in really a tad lower than what I would call my back. It took a long time to get professionals to understand though my lower lumbar was uncomfortable it was really ...

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